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Pay Negotiations Updates

Message from Carolann Begbie, Director of People & Services

Welcome! This page has been created to provide as much information as possible to colleagues in relation to the national pay negotiations process and the University’s local pay deal which was accepted by our recognised trade unions, EIS and UNISON to end the 2022/2023 pay dispute.

This page also provides updates on the 2023/2024 pay negotiations round.

Update on Non-Pay Elements of Local Pay Deal

We have asked Senior Leadership teams within Professional service areas and technical teams to seek any feedback from colleagues on the change to the 35 hour and specifically consider if there is any perceived impact, and if so how teams can work together to minimise this, as there will be no additional headcount to accommodate this change. 

It is also important that consideration is given to the student experience and what updates/communications might need to be undertaken locally to keep students and key stakeholders informed of the service provision and colleagues are asked to support this activity.

The standard academic working week is 9am to 5pm and it would make sense to align professional services teams and technical teams to this pattern. Views are being sought on this alongside any feedback on related policies including flexi-time; flexible working; and overtime/TOIL.

It is expected that part-time colleagues will remain on the same contracted hours, but this will be based on 35 hours per week, rather than 36.25. We are working through the detail of this and will communicate further with those who are currently on part-time or flexible working contracts. 

The increase in personal annual leave entitlement to 31 days will be updated on the system prior to the start of the leave year.

Notice periods are changing for professional services and technical colleagues in Grades 5 to 7, effective from 1 September 2023.

We also agreed to develop an academic sabbatical scheme a joint review with EIS on Grade 5 academics and their career prospects.  We are making progress on the introduction of a sabbatical policy for academic colleagues, which we hope will be implemented in September. The work on Grade 5 academics and their career prospects has not yet commenced and this will be progressed in August, at the earliest. 

Update on New JNCHES pay negotiations 2023/24

Towards the end of 2022, UCEA agreed with the Trade Unions at a national level to bring forward the 2023/24 pay negotiations, recognising the current cost of living pressures.   

Discussions have been ongoing since January. The trade unions rejected the final offer made by UCEA and all parties agreed to a facilitated dispute process, led by ACAS. Unfortunately, despite all efforts an agreement was not reached and as the dispute process has been exhausted, UCEA have advised employers to implement the final offer.

The final offer of between 8% and 5% from August 2023 is the highest HE pay offer made in nearly 20 years and increases the pay spine by the following percentages from 1 August 2023.

Spinal Column Points



3 to 5


Points removed at Napier

6 to 14


Grade 2

15 to 25


Top of Grade 2; Grade 3 & up to mid Grade 4

26 to 51


mid Grade 4 & above


The final offer includes an interim uplift of £1,000 or 2%, whichever is the greater, implemented on 1 February with the remainder percentage uplift being paid effective from 1 August 2023.

Full details of the 2023/24 pay negotiations are available at 2023-24 New JNCHES pay round (ucea.ac.uk).

What this means for us?

Part of the acceptance of the local pay deal, was that there would be no further increases to pay in the current year to 31 July 2023.   This included any nationally agreed pay increases, therefore the proportion of the pay award in February will be deferred.

We will apply the full percentage uplift effective from 1 August 2023.

The salary scales available here​ shows how these offers impact on your pay. ​

Local Pay Deal Background 

Details of the local pay deal and implentation FAQ's are linked below:

Previous updates on 2022/23 discussions