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​Awarded Research 

Once you hear back from the funder let your Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) colleague know, with any documentation and emails from the funder. They will update the status in Worktribe.


T&Cs and Contract Checks​​

All the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) of the award letter or contract will be reviewed by RIE's Contracts Officer before official acceptance of the award.

Any changes to the awarded dates and costs, as per the award letter, will be updated by your school's External projects officer (EPO). If there are any staffing changes please let them know too.

Data Management Plan & GDPR

A Data Management Plan (DMP) will be required for all awarded projects before they can start. If you didn’t have one on application, you will need to provide one now. Also, a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) review with associated documents may be required at this time, on review of the DMP.

Project milestones based on the T&Cs of the project, or formal ethics approval required to start, will be added to the Worktribe record.

teamwork.jpg Project Management and Getting your Award 'Live' 

When records are updated to reflect the award and all documentation is in place, the project will be set up as live with a finance code RXXX. You will also be sent an email detailing the university processes, funder requirements and advice for managing the project. A project set-up meeting may be organised to talk you through this.

Only once the project has an R number, the agreed start date has arrived/passed, and any other ethical/integrity requirements have been approved, can work on the project begin. Starting before this will be a breach of the award Terms & Conditions, and may not be covered by university insurance.

If there are any changes to the project once running (dates, staffing etc) let the External Project Officer (EPO) know as soon as possible.

Recruitment of Researchers – Right to work checks and ATAS

For any recruitment, a right to work check must be completed before the work starts to comply with immigration requirements and ensure that appropriate working permissions are in place to undertake the work. The People Team will complete the right to work check with staff who will undertake research on receipt of the appointment paperwork.

Staff undertaking research may also require an ATAS clearance certificate before they are permitted to start the research. The Academic Technology Approval Scheme applies to all international students and researchers (apart from exempt nationalities) who are subject to UK immigration control and are intending to study or research at postgraduate level in certain sensitive subjects. The subjects/research areas are those where knowledge could be used in programmes to develop Advanced Conventional Military Technology (ACMT), weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) or their means of delivery. More information is available here.

The hiring manager will be required to complete an ATAS check. The People Team can provide advice and support and can be contacted via humanresources@napier.ac.uk 

ATAS certificates can take over 4 weeks to be processed, so where researchers are in scope, additional time will need to be factored into the recruitment schedule.

Where postgraduate students will undertake research work, if in scope, they may need an additional ATAS clearance certificate (i.e. separate to any ATAS certificate for their studies) to undertake the work. Contact the People Team for advice - humanresources@napier.ac.uk 


Tracking your Research Project Spending and Activities  

Spending on the project will be approved using the School Commitment Spend System (SCSS). Any large items to be purchased may also need to go through procurement as identified during proposal development. Invoicing of the project will be the responsibility of the EPOs.

Any staff not working 100% FTE on a project should keep timesheets of their activity for audit purposes.

Official documents generated during the project should be uploaded to the Worktribe project documents tab, e.g. interim and final reports, invoices, amendments to original T&Cs, formal ethics approvals etc.

Once the research, innovation and enterprise activity begins, all data and information should be securely stored and maintained as per the DMP.

Research Outcomes / Results 

Research outcomes resulting from the project can be added to Worktribe in the repository (publications, conference abstracts, reports, etc), via the recognition section (invited talks, media activity etc) or the marketing menu (news, events, public engagement etc). Where possible please link to the project and funder.

The post-award checklist will help you navigate through all the requirements.

​Please visit the link below to learn more about the final stage of the research process.