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Research Proposal Development​

When preparing your research proposal, there are a number of checks the University needs to make to ensure the project can be ​conducted in compliance with Edinburgh Napier and funder policies and conditions.

While you are drafting the proposal, and after you notify them, Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) staff can assist with other aspects of your proposal.

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Setting up Worktribe 

You need to create a project in Worktribe as this will capture all the data about your project and facilitate approvals and award management, as detailed in the user guide. The Worktribe system will notify your RIE team, but you should also contact your RIE team directly to get the tailored support you need.

The advice you receive from RIE and other colleagues may change the scope and methodology of your proposal, so seek support as early as possible. Peer review is required for some projects and recommended for all. There is a section in Worktribe to request peer review.

Setting your Budget and Project Checklist 

The budget for Edinburgh Napier can be calculated in Worktribe, if you have collaborators, we can record their costs in the record also. The RIE team can liaise with your partners to get collaborator costs.

You need to complete the project checklist in Worktribe. You should also contact your school integrity lead for advice if you are uncertain about any aspects of ethics and integrity.

Data Management Plan / Review

Depending on the project and funder, it is helpful to have a data management plan/review. This includes a GDPR review. This is to ensure the integrity of your research and to check it meets all requirements.

Further Considerations 

When working collaboratively it is important to be aware of due diligence and trusted research. More details here >

We may need to do some checks on the funder and any collaborators as part of the University or funder requirements. Funder terms & conditions should be checked to ensure we can accept them. Sometimes there may be confidentiality or IP issues to consider.

If you are buying equipment over £5k, you must consult procurement. For any other purchases over the value £12.5K you must also contact procurement as you will need to complete a PPA1 form. For any IT equipment you need to purchase you must contact IS using this webform​ for advice at application stage to ensure the equipment meets all of the University specifications.

The Pre-award checklist in Worktribe will help you navigate through all the requirements.

Please visit the links below to learn more about the different stages of the research process. 


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