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Annual Promotions for Research Only Staff 2022 


As a signatory to the Concordat to support the career development of researchers, Edinburgh Napier recognises the importance of providing structured career progression opportunities for staff on research only contracts.  


We are now inviting applications from research only staff at grade 4 and above for promotion. There is no cap on the number of promotions that can be awarded. 

Applicants should note that there is now a requirement to have a minimum of one year's service at Edinburgh Napier, prior to the closing​ date for applications.​


Getting started 

If you are considering applying for promotion, the first thing you should do is talk to your Dean of School. An application for promotion will require a significant amount of effort and by talking to your Dean, line manager and trusted mentors, you can make a realistic assessment of your readiness for promotion before investing a lot of time in preparing your application.  If you do decide to apply, please confirm this with the promotions team as early as possible. 


Applicant Briefings 

Potential applicants are required to attend an applicant briefing. These provide essential information about the current year’s application process as well as insights from previous promotion rounds on what makes a successful application. Line managers and other staff supporting potential applicants are also encouraged to attend. Details of applicant briefings are listed below: 





Meeting link 

Briefing 1 


Monday 28 February

Briefing 2 


Tuesday 15 March


If you can’t attend the briefings above, please contact the promotions team and we will try to make alternative arrangements with you. 



Your Worktribe profile is part of the application process so make sure it’s up to date. Lindsay Ramage (Head of Research Governance, RIE) runs regular Worktribe health checks and Stuart Lawson (Research Repository Advisor, Library) runs repository health checks for promotions applicants by request. Potential applicants should book time with Lindsay or Stuart well in advance of the closing date to make sure their Worktribe CV profiles are up to date and displaying correctly.  

Further advice on how to prepare your Worktribe profile is available in the Guidance for Applicants – see list of documentation below. 


Preparing and submitting your application 


Applications will be assessed against the Promotions Fram​ework for Researchers 


The Researchers Framework Guidanc​e for Applicants document provides full details of the application paperwork as well as the process and timelines for submission. If you have any questions, please contact the promotions team. 


The deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday, 2 May. Please send all your application documents by email to promotion_award@napier.ac.uk. 


Assessment process 


Applications will be assessed against the Academic Appointments and Promotions Framework by a panel made up of professors from Edinburgh Napier and other UK universities. The Panel is chaired by the Principal and is meeting on 16 June 2022. 


Applicant feedback 


Within 14 days of the panel meeting, applicants will receive an outcome letter and written feedback from the panel. Unsuccessful applicants will also be offered a face-to-face meeting with a panel member and their Dean of School.